Naked Kombat 29 DVD (S)

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Holden "The Fearless" Phillips, is brand new to Naked Kombat. Holden is known for his intense pain threshold and even has some Tae Kwon Do background. His opponent, Tyler "The Terror" Sweet brings his cocky attitude in his first match as well. Tyler doesn't seem threatened by Holden, he says Holden is just a scrawny goofball who's ass is going to get beat, and after Holden is done worshipping his cock, Tyler's going to ram his hard cock up his ass. Both fighters come out, dicks swinging with fierce determination in their eyes. Tyler quickly gets Holden in a nelson but Holden comes back and shoves his big dick in The Tyler's face. Tyler doesn't let up though, he's relentless with his use of cradles. Both fighters fight with raging hard cocks in the third round but only one can be named the victor. The loser gets his ass beaten red and relentlessly fucked till the winner blows his load all over his face.
Holden Phillips, Tyler Sweet 
United States
Run Time:
95 minutes
Release Date:

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