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No Limits Raw 2 DVD (NC)

Studio: JNRC America
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SKU 14967D
A full-length feature film by Jean Noel Rene Clair, featuring an all star cast of hot, hung, and sweaty wrestlers. Anybody who's had a fantasy about a wrestler should check out this movie.Twink lovers will enjoy the fact that these guys not only fuck bareback, but they appear to be genuinely enjoying the sex, savoring cock in their mouth or ass. The scenes are very similar to one another.

In the first scene, one twink sucks off another before taking a ride on his dick, first cowboy, then doggy style, then missionary. Bottom boy gets his face and open mouth sprayed with the top's cum. The next scene takes place in a makeshift weight room, where one twink takes his buddy from a small flaccid state to fully aroused with the use of his mouth. This bottom really seems to enjoy blowing cock, taking his sweet time to savor every inch of meat. Top boy even gets his ball sac sucked and his hairy hole rimmed (side note: there really isn't enough nut sac play in videos today). The scene ends without any fucking but with a facial on bottom boy. Scene 3 finds a more muscular twink stripping so that his buddy can suck him off. Bottom boy rides top boy's dick bareback, and there are some very good penetration shots. The top guy sprays the bottom's back with cum. The next scene shows one twink sucking and rimming another, before the top guy give the bottom a facial, and orally savors the cum-covered cock. In the makeshift weight room, the next scene finds two more twinks, one of whom sucks off the other before getting plowed. There are some nice penetration shots shown before the top gives his bottom a facial. The next scene's familiar: bottom guy sucks off top guy to end the scene with a facial. Again, as in the other scenes, the bottom savors the cock he's sucking, and it shows he's enjoying it. The next scene starts out similarly, but the top ends up fucking his bottom. The bottom is very passive in this scene, just lying there while the top works his cock in and out, but there are some good close-up penetration shots. They fuck in several positions before bottom guy gets a facial, rubbing the cum all over his face and then licking his fingers. The final scene shows off a slim but muscular guy with a days-growth beard jerking off and delivering some thick glops of cum onto his pubes.

While the sex is good and well shown, and the cocksucking enjoyable, there's little variety among the scenes. For a bareback video, there's not much cum play, and there's absolutely no cum in ass. On the other hand, the men are French, twinky, and attractive!

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
Jean-Noel, Rene Clair
Release Date
Jul 28, 2020
Run Time
90 Minutes
JNRC America