Prison Fuckers DVDR (NC)

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Through the magic wand of gay porn, this Netherlands prison is filled with well-built, goodlooking convicts. Surprise!

In Prison Fuckers, from StudZ Productions, two roughnecks (Gevin Favre, Ridge Carrey) demand that a quiet sweet Chris Rosso suck their cocks. Afterwards, both men take turns in Rosso's hairy mancunt.

A couple of cons playing cards decide that jerking off would be more fun. Nicholas Santos decides to give Bill Brown some head. They're interrupted by a guard (Nikolas Corby) who wants his ass eaten and screwed by each inmate's big dick.

Guard (Tom Nowy) takes do-rag wearing hunk (Ladislav Bohar) to a private room. He can't resist rimming Bohar's glorious bubble butt before fucking the holy shit out of him.

In the shower room, gorgeous Nicolas Corsi (aka Viktor Oleg) and Sanches Vila, a handsome cafŽ au lait inmate (hugely hung) are horny and need to fuck. In walks newbie, Michail Asky. They notice his virgin mouth and ass and they pounce. Shot from beneath, Vila's hairy crotch is awesome as his extra-thick wood mercilessly rapes Michail's ass.

Kevin Zahn is brought to the warden (Billy Jay) who will sign his release documents on one condition: he and his guards must have their way with him. Both guards, Rocky Summers and Erik Lenn are total knockouts, and warden Jay is hung like a horse. The guards devour Kevin's mangina. Rocky's thick piece slides in easily. Soon, Kevin's on his back, legs up as Lenn plugs his pretty pucker. The warden dismisses his guards so he can fuck Kevin privately. Billy Jay is super-endowed and has Zahn moaning for days.

As prison flicks go, I liked this one a lot. Really good cam work, interesting models and sharp direction made this one a winner. I nominate Corsi, Nowy, Favre and Vila for international stardom.

Nicolas Santos, Billy Jay, Bill Brown, Gevin Fevre, Chris Rosso, Ridge Carrey, Diego Bero, Ladislav Bohar, Tom Nowy, Nikolas Corby, Sanches Viva, Michail Asky, Nicolas Corsi, Rocky Sommers, Erik Lenn, Kevin Zahn 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
105 minutes

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