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The Cellars of the block. Six thugs, french and arabian boys fuck, fuck their ass, and eat cumshots, for money, in front of voyeurs. Meanwhile, Taddeu, a violent Corsican, rape and fuck two students on his doorstep...

In a squat, two french thugs fuck. A third arrives, fucks, and sperm them.

Marwan macoub also is fucked.

And Léo ? He find in the street a student, and drags him in a cellar. Then he fucks him and sperm him.

In the cellars of the block, asses are violated strength, and sperm is swallowed.

16 young blacks, arabians, and white, french thugs fuck and sperm in the cellars of the block. This third movie from Costlaprod is also successful than the first ones. it's a french movie cellar upscale version, really different of the french usual ones. 16 players guns, ethnic and urban scenarios plausible... This movie surprises by its realism, far from the usual french movies. A movie that quickly becomes a TV report on hot nights in cellars.
Alban Mercier, Christopher Alevi, Fabien Palazanni, Gael O'Connor, Geoffroy Kwiatkowski, Heliot Cooper, Jason Lamy, Jordan Costla, Ken Zahir Babur, Leo Helios, Marwan Macoub, Maxxime, Michael David, Pierre Borowski, Taddeu Vincenti, Youcef Al Nour 
Run Time:
90 minutes
Release Date:

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