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Doctor Tom Nowy is having one busy day at the office. Alex Clifford arrives first to disclose his “problem.” Ralf Simeon is playing a guitar when Alex arrives at his flat. Ralf takes the lead as top and prepares Alex’s pretty rump with spit before shoving his sturdy cock into the nether regions. He rides him effortlessly doggie-style, and then flips him on his back. Ralf extracts to pump cum out onto Alex’s flat tummy; Alex reciprocates by firing his deserved gobs all over Ralf’s chiseled chin. Cut to Tom’s stiff cock rocking in and out of Alex’s tasty cheeks. After several steady strokes, Tom blows a chunky load onto the small of Alex’s smooth back. Alex musters his load into the palm of Tom’s waiting hand. Problem solved!

Chris Rosso is a military boy who bunks with two mean-spirited mates. After taunts about appearance and work ethic, Santo Ribisi and Daniel Nicolaus strip down to their camouflage undies. Like good soldiers, their dicks jump to attention for service by Chris. Now on his back, he allows Santos - a pretty good power bottom Ð to ride his length while Chris suckles the head of Daniel’s raging shaft. Positions and roles change, and it’s now Chris as bottom to Daniel’s top. His butt is fucked and fucked, while he sucks and sucks Santos. Santos then pulls out to coat Chris’s chin and ruby red lips with spunk; Daniel lightly splatters his juice just above Chris’s crack, and Chris releases his creamy load on Santos’ face. When we cut back to Tom’s office, Chris is happily sucking the good doctor’s dick, bringing him off on his chin and lower lip. No problem there!

Paolo Totti’s and Damon Amber’s little turn at one on one sex is vanilla, but tasty nonetheless. Paolo rides Damon in a healthy variety of positions until Paolo, now sitting on his boyfriend’s member, dumps his load in Damon’s bellybutton. He then removes Damon’s cock from his greasy hole and jacks his juices for him. To determine what the problem with Paolo’s semen might be, Tom places a rubber onto Paolo’s shaft, and proceeds to collect his sample. Upon removing said rubber, he sticks a finger in and gives it a little taste. Hot!

Johnny Demarco seems to be having a little anal problem after his raucous bout with Denis Reed. So, Tom fingers his tight pucker with rubber gloves, bringing him off to a frothy blast.

Tomas Piers and Dion Phillips are instructed to produce a urine sample, but the two smoke dick instead. A sexy, sultry threesome ensues until a second doctor Ð Nicolas Corby Ð arrives on the scene to give Tom a hand. Tom and Tomas pair off some exhausting butt riding, while Dion has his way with Felix. Once good and worked up, the foursome each deposits a wealth of creamy goodness on faces, torsos, and lips.

The cocks are hard, BARE and cum filled. The asses are tight, round, and ready! Make an appointment QUICK!

Chris Rosso, Alex Clifford, Paolo Totti, Tomas Piers, Johny Remarco, Denis Reed, Santos Ribisi, Damon Amber, Ralf Simeon, Dion Phillips, Nicolas Corby, Daniel Nicolaus, Tom Nowy, Nicol Baxter 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
110 minutes