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Could helping a horny man get his rocks off be considered a heroic act? It could if it's a fireman quenching that flaming desire! When they're not out courageously saving lives, firemen spend a lot of time at the station. Naturally, they turn to each other for companionship and to let off that sexual steam that's constantly building. Face it--if anyone knows how to handle a foaming hose, it's a fellow fireman. Set in an actual fire station, "Raw Heroes" treats us to no fewer than 13 scorching young men in real uniforms, drenching each other's open mouths and gaping asses with hot jizz. This is 100% bareback action, including 3 raw trios, all captured in glorious widescreen. The fact that it's a Vlado Iresch film is all the guarantee you need that this is one amazing adventure.

The big, long dicks on display are quite worthy of being compared to fire hoses. Wait till you see those hoses go off! If you know the director's work, you know that he casts only dazzling handsome young men. We're talking top-model, movie star looks, with dicks and sex drives to match. A couple of the guys happen to look for all the world like siblings, so viewers with a thing for horny brothers will have plenty to fuel their imaginations.

You'll see geyser cumshots that'll make you grateful for the widescreen treatment. Those beautiful fountains of hot jizz look great in closeup, as they splash chests, faces, and open mouths, but then the widescreen replays reveal just how far the sperm shoots. Money shots are followed by ecstatic cum worship, of course, and fans of jizz eating and snowballing should be very well pleased. Get ready for long, sensual snowballing sessions that are just as hot as everything that led up to them. Other times, spurting cocks go right back inside freshly fucked asses. Overall, the cumshots in this film are stellar -- thick, plentiful jizz tends to glaze everything in its wake.

You'll see ass to mouth sex, where the bottom guy sucks clean the spasming cock that just buttfucked him. You'll see firemen jerking off as they secretly watch their colleagues sucking and fucking like maniacs atop fire trucks. Naturally, that sort of voyeurism develops into even hotter, sweatier threeways. Amidst the sucking and fucking is some nice rimming and body worship, but the focus is definitely on the oral and anal penetration. Viewers into men who smoke will appreciate the cigarette sharing in the finale.

Note that the men are uncut and smooth, with closely-cropped pubes and shaved armpits and asses. (Lovers of natural manfur will have to be content with the sexy hairy legs on display.) Frankly, the pristine look is incongruous with the smoky, rugged, macho look of the ideal fireman, but who's complaining? This is a movie, and the guys look like movie stars.

As intensely hot as the hardcore action is, some of the film's best moments sizzle in a different way. The tender kissing is phenomenal, as when one buddy holds and kisses another who is getting buttfucked from behind. And the smiling faces throughout the action are testament to how much fun the guys are having with each other, how much they love fucking and getting fucked, and how much they relish each other's cream.

Dominik Trojan, Alex Stevens, George Bellagio, Johan Volny, Ernest Blue, Johny Malcon, Cameron Jackson, Andrew Shut, Tasmo Diablo, Mario Raffanelly, Grenady Prokov, Milan Brezze, Leon Ramon 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
103 minutes