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While lean twink boys are always a fine delicacy, the main course here is hardbodied young men with the ripped muscles, giant cocks, and powerful drive of true studs. This is bareback mansex that's truly electric. It's nonstop energy with loads of oomph, performed by two dozen dazzling handsome guys who guzzle cum and pound tight pink holes in the raw. It's pure excitement, all captured in glorious widescreen. Plus, the exquisite cumshots get instant-replayed from different angles, allowing us to catch every single juicy squirt. The action is lovingly directed, photographed, and performed by passionate professionals, and it shows in every frame. As a bonus, every scene ends with a totally unexpected and highly entertaining surprise twist. This puts "Raw Regret" into the "don't miss it for your life" category.

The action begins when two fine young studs in a van (monster-hung Billy Jay and hunky Kamil Fox, who sports some sexy beard stubble) pick up an adorable blond hitchhiker (Tomi Luck) on his way to Prague. Kamil introduces himself, saying he's a professional driver and that he and his assistant Billy "deliver goods." They sure do deliver goods, if by "deliver" you mean up the ass and down the throat, and by "goods" you mean white-hot jizz pumping from mega-thick, throbbing dicks. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Tomi falls asleep in the back seat, and horny Kamil decides to take a detour down a country road. He says he's in the mood for some fun, and we can imagine what that means. Our hitchhiker is going to have to earn his transportation, inch by inch and wad by wad. Kamil slaps Tomi awake and forces his enormous hardon into his mouth (though, truth be told, Tomi hardly resists, and he's deepthroating that uncut monster in no time!) Naturally, Billy wants his cock sucked, too, and Tomi finds himself staring--peepers to pee-hole--at an even thicker slab of meat. But, almost impossibly, he swallows it down to the hilt! (Seriously, very few men could open wide enough to eat a dick of such generous girth.) So begins the first threeway in the film, and it's a real doozy. While Billy stretches Tomi's jaw, Kamil stretches his tight fuckhole. Get ready for some intense, brutal, raw buttfucking and face fucking. The harder they pound, the more Tomi begs. If you're into monster dicks and total sluts who literally can't get enough cock and cum, then you'll be ecstatic over this scene. Not only is the image in beautiful widescreen (allowing us to see Tomi tasting a thick load of Kamil's sperm on one side of the picture while he gets savagely ass-pounded by Billy on the other side), but we witness Tomi's tongue getting whitewashed from two different angles! Then wait till you see Tomi's own eruption! I'm still trying to guess the liquid volume of spooge. It's not easy to estimate, because moments later Billy's mancream goes into the mix. The scene has a totally devilish surprise ending, but I won't spoil the fun.

There's still 90 minutes of luscious action to go. Here's a brief rundown.

Lovers of romance, rimming, wildly swinging balls during intense buttfucking, and snowballing won't want to miss scene two, starring Cameron Jackson and Richard Said. You'll never predict the surprise ending to this encounter between a bartender and a drunken patron.

Fans of older guy/younger guy trios will go crazy over scene three. Wait till you see the two young guys (boyish Jack Roys and hot blond Carey Lexes) worship the hairy-chested daddy Chris Cloony's throbbing dick as they deep kiss each other -- it's one of the most beautiful scenes imaginable. Then there's the athletic face fucking, the power teabagging, the finger fucking, and the merciless anal assaults. Daddy Chris may be a power top, but he opens wide for big squirting orgasms (even as he continues to pound ass). Guess how he wipes off the tip of his own spent dick? On the tonsils of his sperm-soaked bottom boy Carey. It's hot, hot stuff.

Set in a laundry room, scene four features some double jacking, hot deep kissing, and a threeway with two tall guys (Colin RIchardson and John Swis) and one short buddy (Kevin Trejo). As usual, the cumshots are mega-juicy and get greedily lapped up. There's plenty jizz to share, as you'll see when one guy swings his squirting cock back and forth to feed both of his hungry buddies in a gorgeous double-facial. After the guys towel off, there's a hilarious twist ending.

Scene five features a muscle hunk photographer (Tom Arnott) seducing his handsome model (blue-eyed stunner David Owen) with the line, "Would you like to try something better than taking pictures?" Better, indeed! The duo soon develops into a wild trio when another cute model (Bill Brown) comes into the picture. Here's where we get pucker slapping, an anal cumshot, plenty of ravenous cum guzzling, and another terrific surprise ending.

With absolutely top-notch men, a fascinating and delightful story, and a widescreen picture to encompass the monster cocks, "Raw Regret" is in a class all its own.

Cameron Jackson, Richard Said, Bill Brown, Jack Roys, Carey Lexes, Chris Cloony, Kevin Trejo, David Owen, Tom Arnott, John Swis, Colin Richardson, Kamil Fox, Tomi Luck, Billy Jay 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
110 minutes