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Red Ball Express DVD (NC)

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SKU 14963D
This incredible feature was shot on film in the mid seventies, when men were men and the cum was flying everywhere. It was a time when these movies were mostly illegal, and censorship ruled the land. Red Ball Express and a handful of others set the stage for gay videos as we know them today!

In "Red Ball Express," we follow some white lightening as its delivered throughout the county. 'Course, it's delivered to a bunch of over-sexed, hairy, "grrr" '70s men.

First stop, a firehouse, where a cook and another guy steam up the kitchen. Both of the men, like nearly everyone in the flick, has a moustache and all of their hair is intact.

Next, we're off to a television station, where (we're told in a voice over) that the hunky anchor is drop dead gorgeous. Right. Maybe in the late '70s he might have been. He, like most of the guys in the picture, remind us of Richard Benjamin (from 1973's "Westworld" and 1981's "Saturday The 14th"). Who knew?

Anyhow, the "hot" anchor fucks his make-up artist in his dressing room.

Finally, our intrepid delivery man makes it back to Red Ball Express headquarters, where he gets fucked by the dispatcher. The two then go and visit the rest of the crew in a bathroom and have a little orgy. The bulk of the cast is made up of the men in the last scene -- unfortunately, we don't see hardly anyone's faces.

This DVD will be delivered without plastic case. You will receive the disc and the inlay artwork.
United States
Joe Gage
Release Date
Jul 21, 2020
Run Time
90 Minutes