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Well, Carnival still rules, but when it comes to a celebration of sexual prerogatives, the Rio Gay Pride festival is second to none! And when the party atmosphere and revelry moves to indoors, well you've just got to see it to appreciate it! There's nothing half-assed about it. Rio Gay Pride is synonymous with debauchery and this new film by Alexander Pictures explores just how much fun it can be to indulge in the carnal pleasures of hung men, long foreskin and tight asses. Alexander has never let us down when it comes to JO urging action and this movie is no exception. Get it out. Lube it up. Enjoy the ride. The moral of the story is, if you go to Rio Gay Pride, make sure you know where all the hotels are along the party route because you will find even more fun inside.
Horacio Cruz, Chico Gomez, Manoel Leitao, Gaspar Loronha, Dionisio Martins, Renato Morales, Josue Oliviera, Afonso Oliviera, Jaime Rosa, Jose Silva, Marcelo Sousa 
Alexander Pictures
Run Time:
109 minutes