Rough Rollers DVD (NC) Bloc

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A cute Marco Bill narrates as he tells various stories about him and his skateboard buddies and all the dirty things they do.

Marco has his first blow job in a toilet when Robin Few spies his big dick as the two take a piss. Robin’s a real cutie and drops to his knees to suck his new friend. It doesn’t take long and Marco’s shooting a huge load across Robin’s face. Robin sucks the big spent cock dry before it ends. It’s a quick scene but enjoyable.

Sharing a room together in a hostel, Marco is quick to drop his pants and let Skah Berri go down on him. Skah gets him nice and hard as he works him over taking time out to kiss one another before Marco returns the favor. The two seem really into one another as they continues kissing, sucking, and fondling one another. Some nice 69-ing then leads to Marco driving his cock deep inside Skah who moans with delight as he gets fucked. Marco drops a creamy load on Skah’s waiting tongue then he shoots while nuzzling Marco’s sneaker.

Robin makes a return appearance as he and his mate Mike Mou take time out for a drink at a bar tended by a cute blonde Tommy Luise. After a quick drink Mike gets aroused as he sniffs and enjoys Robin’s feet. Tommy gets horny himself and unleashes his cock while he watches the two get it on. Eventually all the cocks are out and a nice three-way ensues with plenty of sucking and fucking!

An adorable Ari Black gets horned up after sniffing his sneaks and jacks off his big cock in a shower room stall in a quick solo.

Ashley Rahit gets his cock sucked until its nice and hard by Sebastian Stiler in a bars back room. Sebastian has a great body that’s shown off as Ashley returns the favor. Surprisingly its Sebastian who ends up on the bar and gets his nice shaved hole rimmed then fucked by Ashley. The two are quite hot together and leaves Sebastian’s face covered in spunk.

A really eager Levis Grant and Marco shed their clothes and quickly kiss and suck one another as a well hung, cute, Julian Rush spies on the two insatiable twinks. Levi is hard in an instant as he frantically goes down on Marco and gets him hard as a rock. Meanwhile Julian’s rubbing his big veiny cock between a gate as he continues to watch. His dicks enormous! Levi gets fingered then fucked by Marco who puts his dick to good use while Julian dumps a fantastic load! Levi and Marco deliver facials to one another.

Marco Bill, Skah Beri, Julian Rush, Robin Few, Levis Grant, Mike Mou, Tommy Luise, Ari Black, Ashley Right, Sebastian Stiler 
Vlado Iresch
Czech Republic
Run Time:
90 minutes