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Logan Reed must choose between the sexes for a partner between the sheets. But what choice did Logan have when memories of happier and hornier fraternity days filled his groin? There was the story of frat brother Adam Rom’s convertible sports car that was such a hunk magnet! It sure attracted Wesley Parker’s butt for a drive in the country, but it was Adam who drove Wesley’s butt into ecstasy! Then, there was classmate Randy Ross who got drenched with Josh Sexton poolside. Randy could float on top while Josh always sank to the bottom, even after they got out of the water! And what about sexy BMOC Sam Crockett? Sam eagerly joined Joe Bronson’s drill team for the drill of a lifetime! After all this reminiscing, Logan calls ex-frat bro Brad Michaels to see if old positions can be re-assumed. Turns out they could! Just like college days, the two ex-roomies take turns dropping the soap over the kitchen counter!
Joe Bronson, Sam Crockett, Brad Michaels, Wesley Parker, Logan Reed, Adam Rom, Randy Ross, Josh Sexton 
Matt Sterling
United States
Huge Video
Run Time:
83 minutes