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Summer Sex Camp DOWNLOAD

Studio: Bloc
In stock
SKU 00079DL
Bloc Hardcore's Summer Sex Camp serves up 10 beautiful, happy-go-lucky horny twinks who frolic together in the wild outdoors. If you're tickled by joyous, carefree young studs following their every bliss, you'll be downright giddy over this loving testament to sunkissed sexual freedom. With nine cock-tingling scenes, gritty group sex, and delirious cum eating, this is a summer camp adventure like no other.

The handsome, athletic boys are exquisite, and they can't hold back their smiles and giggles as they share their horny passions. Those huge cocks seem to grow extra rigid in the sunlight. Led by their whims, the guys explore mountains, castles, treehouses, forests, fields, grottos, and quaint villages, dropping their loads whenever they feel the least bit horny. If a breathtaking scenic view has ever inspired you to jerk off in celebration, you'll understand exactly what these boys are experiencing.

With over two hours of action, there's more sex (and more varieties of sex) than I can describe here. To give you a general idea, you'll see everything from stunning solos to sweat-drenched orgies. There's deep cock sucking and jackhammer butt fucking, of course, with cumshots usually aimed for the mouth. There's cock sparring, voyeuris, tender romance with mouth-watering deep kissing, tit play, handjobs, body worship, threeway snowballing, self cum eating, mutual masturbation, intense eye contact, and teabagging. All done with genuine excitement.

Don't miss the 12-minute "meet the boys" featurette which offers behind-the-scenes footage and more hardcore action. The guys talk about what turns them on and what they like to do for fun outside of the bedroom.

"Summer Sex Camp" unquestionably ranks with the very best of the best. Its joyous depiction of carefree young male sexuality is not only entertaining, but a truly positive celebration of masculinity.

Czech Republic
Robert Boggs
Release Date
Jan 18, 2008
Run Time
140 Minutes