The New Breed (Remastered) DVD (S)

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Falcon releases the final DVD reissue of ‘The New Breed’, increasing video quality and adding new bonus scenes. Sleek blond Kris Bjorn and muscle-pumped Nick Harlen seek a third during spring break in ‘Malibu’. Bill Henson is hesitant at first but succumbs to Kris' and Nick's friendly persuasion and the prospects of Bjorn's mighty-hard-to-pass-up supercock and Harlen's perfect ass begging to be packed. ‘Stud For Hire’ features cock-hungry Wes Cole, who looks to the classified ads to order some hot action in for the evening--and gets everything he bargained for with Jeff Porter, who sports the proverbial "Dick of Death." After the studs have each shot a heavy load, a C-note is exchanged, and baby-faced Porter is on his way to the next call. In ‘The New Breed’, Tex discovers Tony Calhoun camping alone on the edge of the reservation. Horny stud, Tex, wastes no time letting the blond college jock, Tony, know he's going to have to settle up for trespassing by invading his hole.
Clint Ely, Hal Drake, Bill Henson and Aaron Gage, Kris Bjorn, Nick Harlen, Jeff Porter, Wes Cole, Tex, Tony Calhoun 
United States
Run Time:
90 minutes
Release Date:

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